Community Integration Services

Community Integration Services (CIS) is a community-based program to provide our clients with the skills they need to live an everyday life, whether at home, at school or out in the community. They include training on safety, transportation, social skills, shopping skills, banking and compliance with rules and directions. The goal is for our clients to be able to pursue the greatest level of independence possible and to become an integral part of the community.

All of our CIS training is conducted where the client lives, so they can get to know their neighbors and develop a network of people who understand their needs and support their efforts. For example, by going to local town events or participating in a sports activity at a community recreation center, our clients will be able to work on their socialization skills. By shopping for groceries at the community supermarket, they can learn financial skills and also learn to be an advocate for his/her needs. Increased community skills mean increased independence resulting in more typical social integration.
Core objectives for Compassion Human Services on CIS Program is to improve on the

  • Purchasing skills
  • Safety skills
  • Community
  • Communication
  • Community Awareness
  • Transportation