Residential Services

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Compassion Human Services provide community-based residences for our individuals in a safe, clean and serene community or neighborhoods. The individuals living in our homes receive twenty-four-seven direct support care from our highly-trained employees who understands each and every individual’s Support Plan.

Compassion Human Services understands the importance of homes especially for people with Intellectual Development Disability. A home is a place where we all feel safe, free, and get physical, emotional, and psychological support. Compassion Human Services does not believe in segregation especially for individuals with Disability in places such as State Hospitals, State Schools, Supported Living Assistance, Institutions or even Nursing homes. Individuals with Disabilities have advocated for their Civil Rights, which have been afforded to them through Americans with Disability Act (ADA) of 1990. Further affirmation came in 1999 with U.S. Supreme Court’s Olmsted Decision, which confirmed that unjustified segregation is a violation of the ADA.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the individuals we serve in our Residential Services receive a person-centered support that allows them to live a life full of self determination, potential and possibilities.